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The requirement is to automate sending an NPS survey invite when a ticket is marked as resolved or closed. 

This automation can be achieved using the 'Observer' automation rule provided by Freshdesk. This feature is however only available to paid Freshdesk users. 

Requirement flow

The basic flow of events would be as following:

  1. Ticket is marked "Closed" on Freshdesk

  2. Freshdesk sends a call to the webhook URL (provided by Omoto) configured in the user account

  3. Omoto consumes the webhook call and sends an NPS invite email to the customer contact associated with the ticket

  4. The recipient of the NPS survey responds to the feedback

  5. Response is available for viewing and analysis on Omoto

Configuration steps

  1. Within FreshDesk, click Admin > Automations (under Helpdesk Productivity section)
  2. Click Create New Rule under Ticket updates tab
  3. Enter the following in your new rule setup:
    1. Rule Name: Omoto NPS Webhook
    2. Description: Wehbook for Omoto NPS triggers
    3. When any of these events occur: Status is changed from "Any Status" to "Closed"
    4. And the events are performed by: any
    5. On tickets with these properties: this can be left as default.
    6. Perform these actions: Trigger WebHook (screenshot shared below)
    7. Request Type: POST
    8. URL: Omoto team will provide you with a unique URL for your account that can be used here
    9. Encoding: JSON
    10. Content: Advanced
    11. Add JSON content: sample shared below --> use Freshdesk placeholders to insert appropriate values in the JSON.
  4. Click Save to save the automation.
Creating a webhook call in Freshdesk
Creating a webhook call in Freshdesk

Next step

Once configuration is done, Omoto will start sending NPS email invite for every ticket closed in Freshdesk. 

Additional rule of cool-off period can be setup in Omoto to avoid over surveying your customers. 

Sometimes the webhook configuration doesn't work out of the box.

In such a situation, we recommend getting in touch with Freshdesk's support team. They will help you enable the webhook or resolve issues with the webhook configuration.

Updated 20 May 2020
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